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Norfolk Eaglets
hatched March 10, March 12 and March 14 or 15
fledged May 29, June 1 and June 2



I'm afraid I never found time to make a complete webpage
for the Norfolk nest - the following are a few pics
from my week-in-review and week-by-week pages.

There are lots of great pictures in the
Maine Eagle Forum thread on the Norfolk Eagles

Please check it out!


Norfolk eaglets
SharonFeeney's photo - March 15
Norfolk eaglets
4 - 9 days old (about 1 week)
BIRDER's photo - March 19
Norfolk eaglets
BIRDER's photo - March 26
(about 2 weeks old)
Norfolk eaglets
BIRDER's photo - April 1
(about 3 weeks old)
Norfolk eaglets
Aline's photo - April 9
(4 weeks old)
Norfolk eaglets
Aline's photo - April 16
(5 weeks old)
Norfolk eaglets
BIRDER's photo - April 17
Banding Day - they're only about 5 weeks old, younger than any of the others I've been watching
(link for banding pictures on the Maine Forum)
Norfolk eaglets
BIRDER's photo - April 23
(6 weeks old)
Norfolk eaglets
annsva's photo - May 1
(7 weeks old)
Norfolk eaglets
BIRDER's photo - May 7
(8 weeks old)
Norfolk Eaglets
62 - 67 days old (about 9 weeks)
BIRDER's photo - May 16
Norfolk eaglets
birdofprey's photo - May 21
lot of flapping going on - and they're getting a lot of lift
they're only 10 weeks old - but I wouldn't be surprised to see a fledge soon!
Norfolk eaglets
74 - 79 days old (about 11 weeks)
Aline's photo - May 28
Norfolk eaglet
81 - 85 days old (about 12 weeks)
Shoebutton's photo - June 3
(not sure who, but a handsome young eagle!)
Norfolk eaglets
88 - 92 days old (about 13 weeks)
BIRDER's photo - June 10
(there are also some great closeups starting here)

Norfolk Eaglets
(about 13-1/2 weeks)
SharonFeeney's photo - June 14

(check out Judy's video of eaglet trying to feed itself - it's hilarious!)

Norfolk eaglets
(almost 15 weeks)
Aline's photo - June 24

All three are still seen regularly.

Norfolk eaglets
BIRDER's photo - July 1
(about 16 weeks)

link to annsva's video Norfolk Eaglets 2007 (7:06) - it's wonderful!!

Norfolk eaglets
BIRDER's photo - July 7
(about 16-1/2 weeks)

There are lots of wonderful closeups of the eaglets visiting the nest
on the Maine forum's Norfolk nest thread - please check it out!

Unless there's news other than that the eaglets are still visiting the nest
and they look about the same, this is the final update for the Norfolk nest.

Norfolk eaglet
BIRDER's photo - July 15
(about 18 weeks)

BIRDER found this posted on the Norfolk Blog..

Monday, July 16, 2007
“It's Been Fun”

The season is drawing to a close. On July 15th the barriers erected at the Norfolk Botanical Garden were dismantled. These barriers created a perimeter around the nest tree, ensuring that the Eagles weren't disturbed. Now that the young are growing increasingly independent the barriers are no longer necessary. The camera feed has been disconnected for this season. Be sure to check in for next years Eagle Cam.

The adults will have some additional work next season, as a portion of the nest has fallen away. This is not uncommon as Bald Eagle nest can grow quite massive. The juvenile female has continued to use the nest as a roost and feeding platform. The adults have grown less and less responsive to her calls for food and she'll soon have to fend entirely for herself. Observers have noted her successfully fishing.

So Long & Thanks For All The Fish

posted by VDGIF Wildlife Biologist at 8:16 AM

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