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Week in Review
June 10, 2007

Kent, WA
April 30
May 1
Kent eaglets
40 and 41 days (almost 6 weeks)
Marcia's photo from 6/10
Puget Sound, WA
April 26
Puget Sound eaglet
45 days (6-1/2 weeks)
Shoebutton's photo from 6/10

Sidney, BC
April 20

the Sidney eaglet has an official name:

and she's been doing some branching!

Sidney eaglet
51 days (about 7 weeks)
wendybacalar's photo from 6/10

Santa Cruz, CA
April 13

A-63 was banded June 8

he was not thrilled

(preliminary tests say he's male)

Santa Cruz eaglet
56 days (about 8 weeks)
JudyB's photo from 6/8

Fort St. Vrain, CO
April 9
April 11

these guys were banded at 6 weeks -
see more pictures here

Fort St Vrain eaglets
56 and 58 days (younger is eight weeks old)
photo by Nora in MN on BirdCam Forum - June 6

Barton's Cove, MA
April 6
April 8 or 9

(they are feeding themselves occasionally,
but still prefer to be fed)

Barton's Cove eaglets
62 - 64 days (9 weeks old)
SharonFeeney's photo - June 9
Two Harbors
Catalina Island, CA
April 6
April 8

they're about 9 weeks old but

I don't have time to look for a pic

West End
Catalina Island, CA
April 1
April 1
April 4

banding was 5/27

the older two are 10 weeks old today

I'll try to find a pic for next week

Norfolk, VA

March 10
March 12
March 14 or 15

May 29
June 1
June 2

Norfolk eaglets
88 - 92 days old (about 13 weeks)
BIRDER's photo from 6/10
(there are also some great closeups starting here)

Blackwater, MD

March 1 - Justice
March 3 - Majesty

probably around
May 22nd

Nest Update from Blackwater
06/10/07: " We're seeing less of the eaglets,
which means they're becoming more independent."

Blackwater eaglets
14 weeks
BIRDER's photo from 6/6
(they do still come back occasionally for food)

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