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Week in Review
June 17, 2007

Kent, WA
April 30
May 1
Kent eaglets
46 and 47 days (almost 7 weeks)
Sherri's photo - June 16th

Eaglets are spending more time standing on their toes
like adults, instead on their feet, like chicks

Another picture on the Kent page shows the mother
eating in front of the eaglets - perhaps to encourage
this well-fed pair to start learning to grab food
the way they'll need to do as juvies.

Puget Sound, WA
April 26

Puget Sound eaglet
50 days old (just over 7 weeks)
Shoebutton's photo - June 15
eaglet eating on its own -
parent fed a few bites, then left;
the little one figured out what to do next!
(link to the complete series of photos)

Sidney, BC
April 20

Sidney eaglet
58 days (8 weeks)
Eagle Lover from NYC - Starr's photo - June 15

this fish arrived still flapping a bit; after watching for a while to see if
someone would do something about that, Skye took matters into his
own hands (err - beak) and took it to his feeding spot and
began to feed himself.

It's been observed that the parents often bring food to the nest
but don't feed Skye, encouraging him to grab it from them and
feed himself.

Santa Cruz, CA
April 13

Santa Cruz eaglet
62 days (almost 9 weeks)
EagleDuo's photo - June 14
from the IWS Santa Cruz photo thread

A-63 is spending a lot of time branching - and when one of the
parents tried to sit on "his" branch A-63 chased him off!

And check out this sequence by EagleLoverFL on the IWS forum -
A-63 Grabs Dinner A-63 may be an only child
but his parents seem to be teaching him well!

Fort St. Vrain, CO
April 9
April 11

Fort St Vrain eaglets
60 and 62 days (almost 9 weeks)
photo by kstrauch on BirdCam Forum - June 10

Barton's Cove, MA
April 6
April 8 or 9

Barton's Cove eaglets
67 - 69 days (9-1/2 weeks old)
SharonFeeney's photo - June 14

big wings!

Two Harbors
Catalina Island, CA
April 6
April 8


Two Harbors eaglets
68 - 70 days (10 weeks)
EagleDuo's photo - June 15
from the IWS Two Harbors photo thread

There's been a lot of flapping going on this week - and as much
branching as possible in a rocky nest!

West End
Catalina Island, CA
April 1
April 1
April 4


West End Eaglets
72 - 75 days (10-1/2 weeks)
EagleLoverFL's photo - June 15
from the IWS West End photo thread

Looks to me as if they're starting to get some height
with their wingersizes!

Norfolk, VA

March 10
March 12
March 14 or 15

May 29
June 1
June 2

Norfolk Eaglets
(about 13-1/2 weeks)
SharonFeeney's photo - June 14

(check out Judy's video of eaglet trying to feed itself - it's hilarious!)

Blackwater, MD

March 1 - Justice
March 3 - Majesty

probably around
May 22nd

Blackwater eaglets
(15 weeks)
Friends of Blackwater
photo - June 14

Nest Update from Blackwater
06/15/07: "From this shot it looks like
Majesty still enjoys being beak fed by a parent."

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