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Week in Review
July 8, 2007

Kent, WA
April 30
May 1

Kent eaglets
Sherri's photo - July 8
(68 and 69 days old - almost 10 weeks)

At least one of these guys started branching big-time this week -
we've seen one up on the branch where the parent is in this pic.
Much of the branching has been by one eaglet (possibly the younger) -
but some of us think at least one set of pictures shows the other one checking it out.

Puget Sound, WA
April 26

Puget Sound eaglet
Shoebutton's photo - July 8
(73 days old - 10-1/2 weeks)

I think this shows the eaglet flapping off to her branching location
out of sight just past in the lower right corner of the screen smile

She's also been doing a lot of flapping, and is achieving some lift!

Sidney, BC
April 20


Sidney eaglet
's photo - July 6
(eleven weeks old)
link to Blue Heaven's video "Skye Flies High"
"I think this is the greatest height achieved so far."

This eaglet hasn't fledged yet - but it is close!!

Santa Cruz, CA
April 13

June 28


Santa Cruz eaglet
Aline's photo - July 6
(twelve weeks old)

link to video "A-63 Flying by the Nest" by Dave from the IWS Forum (14 sec)

Fort St. Vrain, CO
April 9
April 11

Fort St Vrain eaglets
photo by Nora in MN on BirdCam Forum - July 3
(twelve weeks old)

The eaglets are spending a lot of time out of view of the cam,
though there's no way to tell if they are branching or if they've fledged.
If I see a formal announcement that they've fledged, or that there's a new development,
I'll post it - but otherwise, this is the final update for this nest.

Barton's Cove, MA
April 6
April 8 or 9

younger fledged
June 28

Barton's Cove eaglet
's photo - July 8
(13 weeks old)

The darker, older eaglet is doing a lot of branching,
but Sharon hasn't ever seen both of them away from the nest at the same time,
so there's no evidence that the older eaglet has fledged.

Two Harbors
Catalina Island, CA
April 6
April 8


Sorry - don't have anything to post

Hope to have more next week

West End
Catalina Island, CA
April 1
April 1
April 4


Sorry - don't have anything to post

Hope to have more next week

Norfolk, VA

March 10
March 12
March 14 or 15

May 29
June 1
June 2

Norfolk eaglets
BIRDER's photo - July 7
(about 16-1/2 weeks)

There are lots of wonderful closeups of the eaglets visiting the nest
on the Maine forum's Norfolk nest thread - please check it out!

Unless there's news other than that the eaglets are still visiting the nest
and they look about the same, this is the final update for the Norfolk nest.

Blackwater, MD

March 1 - Justice
March 3 - Majesty

probably around
May 22nd

Blackwater eaglets
Friends of Blackwater photo - July 7
(18 weeks old - though the pics are from their younger days)

Nest Update from Blackwater
07/07/07: " Due to our cam malfunction and the newly independent eaglets,
we've decided to end the season."

All images are the property of the cam from which they were taken and/or the person credited.
Thank you for letting me use the images for this compilation.