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Week (and a third) in Review
July 31, 2007

Burnaby, BC

~May 11
~May 14

August 1
not yet

(no cam)

Burnaby eaglets
willpatt's photo from July 28

There's no cam, but Will has been spending a lot of time observing this nest and taking videos and pictures, like this one of the older of the two chicks branching. The tree is a bit unusual - it's very leafy, making it hard to get good pictures - and hard for the eagles to come and go (Will's theory is that these are fairly new parents who didn't realize there would be leaves come spring - it is their first year in this location).

Will's videos can be found on the Maine forum in the
Eagle and Other Raptors Photographs and Videos thread
on the Maine forum (along with other great photos and videos of other nests) or on the Hancock Wildlife Channel forum where the nest has its own thread Burnaby Eagle Nest

The older eaglet seems near fledging, and the younger seems quite a ways behind - but you never know!

Update August 1: Big has fledged! Here she(?) is sitting with a parent on the upper branches:
Burnaby eaglets
willpatt's photo from August 1st
See the links above for more details!

Hornby Island, BC

~May 1
~May 5

July 21
not yet


Nothing yet - but the second eaglet should be fledging soon

watch for updates on the Hancock Wildlife Channel's
Hornby Island Nest Forum

Kent, WA

April 30
May 1

July 15
July 25

Kent eaglets
Shoebutton's photo - July 29

Puget Sound, WA

April 26

on or before
July 20

Puget Sound eaglet
Sherri's photo - July 30

Sidney, BC

April 20

July 12


Brief report as I don't have time to go through the threads
July 28 - Skye brought a fish back to the nest to eat - a first for him!
(I'm guessing he got it from a parent - catching fish is even harder than flying with them!)
And he's spending more time exploring and less in the nest.

And here is beans' video "Alone in the Nest at Sunset" (4:53) from July 31

Santa Cruz, CA

April 13

June 28


Santa Cruz eaglet
photo by IWS Crew - August 1

Jessica from the IWS Crew reported August 1: "It’s been a quiet week here on the Northern Channel Islands. Limuw has been visiting the nest on a regular basis as has been seen on the webcam. We have tracked Limuw off the nest too. Kim and I were on kayaks on Sunday and spotted him just to the west of Prisoners Harbor. He flew off and landed a few times. His flights looked perfect, his landings, well… there’s room for improvement. But it’s good to see him exploring away from the nest. Even when he’s off the nest he is still close to it based on radio-tracking, GPS data, and observations."
link to Jessica's video of Limuw Flying (20 sec) - taken from kayak

Fort St. Vrain, CO
April 9
April 11

early July

Fort St Vrain eaglet
photo by tomIhawk - July 20

I haven't visited this site lately - the cam is tightly focused on the nest, so all I was getting was occasional pictures of eaglets who were spending most of their time branching or fledged - no way to tell which. But when I checked BirdCam Forum today, I found several great pictures by someone who'd visited the nest area - check out the Fort St Vrain page for a pic of A-36 flying - and there's a different version of this picture that shows the fledgling as well as the nest at the top of the page for my "nest from a distance" shot.

Barton's Cove, MA

April 6
April 8 or 9

younger fledged
June 28
(81 days)
older fledged
July 11
(96 days)

Barton's Cove eaglets
's photo - July 26
"Both 'lets branching (one at nest edge, and one on nearby snag)."
(almost 16 weeks old)

SharonFeeney on July 30: "OH am I ever glad you caught that Aline!
I was at the Cove from 7 - 8:30 tonight. I saw both parents and only one 'let (who was, again, vocal almost constantly for more than an hour). I happened to be taping the chattering because the crows became active when Dad came in with dinner! He brought it in and then perched in a nearby tree while mom ate whatever the 'let was previously working on when Dad brought the food. It looked like the 'let stole mom's food from her after it ate whatever dad brought."

Video: "The usual dark, bad camera, far away view"

"After this video, I wish I could have filmed what I saw from mom, but it happened too quickly and I didn't dare blink. She left the nest with the food in her talon and made a small circle around the nest. As she circled, she took the food from her talon and put it in her beak. Then, she took it out of her beak with the other talon as she turned the food around in the other direction. All I can say about the food was that it looked dark and supple but I don't know if it was alive at all (why else would she perform such a maneuver - see below!).
I left my computer on when I left home, and I just found the video of that time that I saw at the nest. The cam view is awesome! I'm not positive, but I think it was just before the pics that Aline got (and my computer shut off by then). Here it is and it turns out that there was a few times when mom and the 'let stole food from each other! I do like this clip!"

Video: ArrowGreat eagle "fix" 7 min (I just had to) Very Happy
"I have no idea how that 'let can peep and eat at the same time and for so long."

Two Harbors
Catalina Island, CA

April 6
April 8

by July 3
(K-78 - male)
by July 10
(K-79 - female)


Doing fine but no pictures - so I have two from West End instead

West End
Catalina Island, CA

April 1
April 1
April 4

June 22-25
June 25
June 28-30
cam down

West End eaglets

West End eaglets
photos by eaglegal - July 27

eaglegal reports August 1: "We’ve had quite an exciting week in Catalina. I’ve been trying to keep up with our young eagles and their travels around the island. I normally visit every nest area at least once a week but lately that strategy doesn’t work so well ‘cause the eaglets aren’t around their ‘original homes’ anymore, in fact, last Friday I went to the West End and half way down the trail to my observation point I started seeing not one, not two, not three but FOUR eaglets, flying very close to me. One of the Pinnacle chicks, K-71, had joined the triplets! My goal for that day was only to get a visual on K-73 since I hadn’t seen him the last time I was out there; instead I saw all six WE eagles plus 1. I was so excited to see them flying together, enjoying the thermals and cruising around just for fun. It’s good to know they are getting along and hopefully bonding so that they stay together and don’t leave the island. Of course that depends on many different factors, an important one being the availability of food in the island."

And last, but very definitely not least, here is glo77's video
"The Story of Star and Her Extended Family" (8:51)
with wonderful pictures from the nests at Kent, Sidney, Cape Coral FL,
Fort St Vrain, Oklahoma, Puget Sound, and Catalina Island

All images are the property of the cam from which they were taken and/or the person credited.
Thank you for letting me use the images for this compilation.