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Sidney Eaglet - Week II
(April 28 - May 4)

hatched April 20

expanded version coming soon
Sidney Eaglet
terrytvgal's photo - April 29
Sidney Eaglet
judy's photo - April 30

ostrich observed: April 30, 1:45pm eaglet time - The parents also seem to be spending more time standing off the 'let and not actually brooding when they are on the nest. This is probably because of the increasing ability of the eaglet to thermoregulate on its own. Assuming we will see this trend continue.

Sidney Eaglet
Eagle Lover from NYC - Starr's photo - May 2
("First step out of the nest" - 12 days old)
link to Queenie's video "Walk to Mommy"
Sidney Eaglet
bociany's photo - May 3
(bociany: "I think I can see the second darker coat of down starting to appear ... right on schedule!" - 13 days old)
Sidney Eaglet
wendybacalar's photo - May 4
(2 weeks old)
first time completely out of the nest bowl
link to BBE's video "Sir/Lady Peeper of Sidney is out of the bowl"

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