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Sidney Eaglet - Week XII
(July 7 - July 13)

hatched April 20
fledged July 12

Sidney eaglet
wendybacalar's photo - July 7

wendybacalar: "At dark last night Skye was on the balcony. This morning she was in the nest. I guess she got tired of gripping.. First light however she hopped back up."

Skipper observed, "July 7, 6:46 a.m. Jumped down off balcony but almost immediately jumped back up. Hard to see because of the sun but I think she is moving down the branch (like Mom and Dad do) to "make room" for Skye)"

Sidney eaglet
bociany's photo - July 7
Parent arriving with food

jkr observed: "9:10 She is now at 6:00 eating so there must have been food brought in.
9:26 Still eating and the way she's pulling it must be awfully tough --- lots of snapping and crunching going on.
9:36 Eating stops and she picks up her breakfast and carries it to 3:00 position.
Walks back to center nest then back to 3:00.
Resumes eating.
Has been eating for 26 minutes. Not certain but it looked like it could be a midshipman which would explain all the tugging and pulling she's been doing."

link to Soundguy's video "9:00 to 10:00 am" (2:40)

Sidney eaglet
wendybacalar's photo - July 7

wendybacalar observed: "11:56-11:58 Skye was assisted by the wind to fly up and above the nest from back to balcony, to back and up as high as the balcony branch - she covered that branch that goes out to the right and almost achieved a landing there - she stayed there for a few seconds at least, it seemed to me trying to land on the branch. She was getting some great height without having to drop down to touch and spring up! This was not just flapping around, but using her wings to direct herself where she wanted to go - albeit the wind was directing her motion too."

link to beans' video "Skye! Get away from the edge!" (2:54)

Indy: Beans I love that video! Very Happy She is testing her balance and her nerve. Sometimes she is able to "fly" right onto a little stick and balance there. That is really encouraging considering how extremely clumsy the fledglings can be. The flying is easy is the landings that are hard!! Shocked

Sidney eaglet
AnneAngel's photo - July 7

AnneAngel: 6:11 pm - Dad arrives with fish

jkr observed: "6:11 FOOD DROP All heck breaks loose. Parent has arrived with dinner and Skye is going out of her mind with excitement. She grabs the fish but the parent takes control. The parent is actually beak feeding her (or she's stealing it from the parents beak).
(Mom beak fed Lil like a baby the day before he fledged -- is this a sign ??)
6:17 Skye stops eating --- runs to 12:00 --- runs to 3:00 peeping the entire time. Did she take the food with her ??? She doesn't appear to be eating. The parent seems to be looking for it but hasn't found anything.

Sidney eaglet
wendybacalar's photo - July 8

wemdybacalar: "At 5:23 she did something new! Shocked
She flew from the BALCONY branch to get there! She is looking down like, UT OH What do I do now??"
jkr observed: "July 8, 5:22 am, SHE'S IN THE ATTIC ! She made it up there from the balcony. Congratulations Skye!"
Skipper observed: "5:23 a.m. Wow--she just flew up to the long branch above the tree!!! Maybe that's what the "goings on" are all about. She was getting her nerve up to fly up there Shocked
Now we have a "headless" eagle on the (what are we going to call it?) branch.
5:25 a.m. Just clawed her way along the overhead branch out of sight Shocked Don't fly off from there Skye--we won't be able to see you."
Crying or Very sad

link to Skipper's video
"Skye Flies to the Attic" (4:11)

Sidney eaglet
bociany's post of richardpitt's picture from September 9, 2006
the wide-angle cam is on the lower part of the attic branch
behind the person on the right

Old Broody observed: "6:03am, THERE she is. She dropped a wing tip on from the upper right corner to let us know she's still hanging around."

jkr observed: "7:12 A heck of a crash like something fell near the mic. With all this noise it has to be Skye walking around up there. Another crash just sounded."

wendybacalar observed: "8:15 Skye is in view!! Up on the mid above the bowl branch!!!"

kate_oneill observed: "8:41 Skye rotated on the branch and examined distance to the nest. She rotated again, now facing meadow from "the attic" and is moving her weight forward and backward tentatively, as if assessing the consequences of a jump to the nest.
9:19 She did it. Not graceful, but definitely knowing how to use her wings to brake the landing. Then wild wing flaps! And right up to the balcony, where more wing flaps mark the milestone! It must feel so good to be able to move her wings safely and fully again after that long siege in the tree. "

Sidney eaglet
beans's photo - July 8
*********** Don't touch my food! ***********

jkr observed: "11:39 FOOD DROP
Parent flies in at 7:00 and is instantly attacked by Skye. Skye is mantled and screaming behind the parent . Possibly it's a food drop by the reaction.
Is in the munching stages of the end of her meal.
I'd say she self fed for approx 22 minutes. "

ostrich observed: "2:01pm eaglet time - arrival of adult from the left. Again Skye charges, amazingly aggresive and grabs something. It looked quite big - I think it may be a mammal prey. Skye is mantling over the prey and adult moved to the balcony branch. It's funny, it looks like the adult is almost hiding now" Laughing
[further observation indicates prey has feathers]
kate_oneill observed: "2:18 PM PDT Skye seems to making good progress on her own with defeathering her lunch. She's picking at it quite delicately, not voraciously."
bev. observed: "2:28- I think she is a about done. Maybe a few more pickings
feeding time about 18 minutes."

Sidney eaglet
Skipper's photo - July 8

ostrich observed: "6:12pm eaglet time - wow, did people see that? Skye just chased Mom right off the nest. Please tell me somebody got video of that."

Skipper: " This is the most aggressive that I've seen Skye so I thought I would use this as an example of mantling and aggressive behaviour.
Looks to me like she's "faking" mantling over food and doesn't really have any to protect. She seems to be trying to steal food from parent instead? Finally drives parent from nest and takes over eating whatever parent brought to the nest."
[possible 5 minute feeding, plus maybe another 5 minutes of leftovers later]

link to Skipper's video "Skye Attacks!" (2:26)

Sidney eaglet
wendybacalar's photo - July 9

wendybacalar: "This shot (even with the obnoxious sun) is interesting due to the angle of the right leg, talon trying to grab the branch and her outstretched wings as she balances."
Skipper observed: "July 9, 5:19 a.m.
Skye jumps down from balcony and immediately to 5 o'clock and then back to j-g for a few flaps and then back to balcony and then UP TO ATTIC Shocked Wow!! Moved down attic branch and now out of sight."

kate_oneill observed: "5:19 AM Skye can't stay still. Now on attic branch! All those position changes done with such confidence! Whoosh: down to back porch for 5 huge flaps (warm-up!) Whoosh. back to look out branch. A quick 180 turn and over to the attic with nary a touch-down, and on out/up the branch and out of sight. Sounds from on high seem slightly less graceful, but are loud in the WA mic, so she's on the move up there!"

link to Skipper's video
"Early Morning Skye-nastics"

link to Queenie's video
"Skye Coming Down" (1:50)

[editor's note - I don't want to lose these
but they'll probably move to June 21 in a while]

[note to me - these are by Soundguy]

The Second Month

Part 1, May 21 to June 9

2:40 Video:

Part 2, June 10 to June 21

2:15 Video:
Sidney eaglet
REDRUM's photo - July 9

Skipper: "I 'caught' this this afternoon on the CU cam. I thought it might be a good example for someone of Skye's feather development."

link to Skipper's video "Windblown Skye" (1:14)

Sidney eaglet
Eagle Lover from NYC - Starr's photo - July 9

Janner observed: "July 9, 2:57 Wow - made the upper fork from a standing start - just wish she wouldn't in this wind!!"

jkr observed: "3:31 Skye is standing on one foot scratching her ear. Great balance albiet scary on the attic branch."

link to Skipper's video
"Afternoon Skye-nastics"

link to harrymilt's July 9 video (3:10)

Sidney eaglet
wendybacalar's photo - July 9

trek observed: "July 9, 4:36 pm Parent in..looks like dad has brought in something. The babe immediatly mantled over it but thankfully no leg pulling this time. Dad exits the nest. The babe stops his mantle and does a little flap over the centre of the nest. Amazing in my opinion...the babe stepped on the prey with his talons and then lifted the prey with his talons a few inches off of the nest. He then went back down on the nest and begins tearng at his food. Cannot see what it is as it is out of view of the C cam It was flat though."

bociany observed: "5:06 Back to 11 o/c. That was 25-30 min of self feeding."

That was the only food drop observed July 9

Sidney eaglet
Skipper's photo - July 10

sandra gee observed: "July 10, 4:39am.....The CU shows Skye is just a lump in the middle of the nest, the WA just barely able to see her, it's very windy, no parent in sight."
Skipper observed, "5:13 a.m. Skye tried to fly from the balcony to the attic branch but missed. Spent a few moments to collect herself in the nest and then, with a THUNK, landed (sort of) on the attic branch. There are some interesting sounds bird calls I haven't heard before very close to the nest."
Janner observed: "5:13 - flew to the attic from standing start!!
5:23 - that's new - she has made it up to a branch on the left of the attic - the other side of the trunk!"
link to Sierra's video "new perch"

Sidney eaglet
parrotlady1's photo - July 10
Mom "hand" feeding Skye

jkr observed: "5:27 FOOD DROP ... Looks to be a flat fish. On second look she seems to be getting pieces off it so easily that it may not be a flatfish after all. ... [Self-] Feeding lasted approx 10 minutes."

sandra gee observed: "5:54....Parent in, Skye sreaching and again the parent does not stay long, leaves immediately.......Skye stops her vocalizing. Looks like more food delivered as Skye is chowin down at the front of the nest. ... self feeding lasted approx 23-25min"

janner observed: "7:14 Parent must have brought food - Skye is eating again - at 4 o'clock
7:19 - now two parents in - Mum from front right and Dad in over the back!!
7:20 Dad off again - and Mum is actually feeding Skye - who is almost singing - in between the peeps - not heard this before!! Smile "

bev. observed: "Skye ate 19 minutes by herself
-another 5 minutes fed by adult the first time
- about 4 minutes of eating before adult came in
-about 5-6 minutes of adult feeding her the second time
(A total of 42-43 minutes)"

sandra gee observed: "9:21am....Skye has walked away from Mom. This feeding...... Mom feeding Skye lasted approx. 11min." [it was nestovers]

Sidney eaglet
Eagle Lover from NYC - Starr's photo - July 10

I Love Barbaro observed: "11:30pm - Feeding resumed...Mom beak feeding Skye. The feed continues uneventfully until Mom picks up a huge portion of the bird(?) and Skye grabs it from her, then moves away from Mom a few paces and begins to try and decide what to do with her grab. Mom looks a bit distressed. So she pulls a tiny piece of meat and walks over to Skye to offer it to her. Skye put the huge piece she was holding down to accept the tidbit from mom. As soon as she put it down and took the tidbit from Mom's mouth, Mom reached for the big chunk, now on the ground in front of Skye. Wrong! Skye downed the little tidbit from Mom in time to reach down and grab the big chunk on the ground before Mom could get control of it. So much for strategy, Mom!"

Sidney eaglet
SharonFeeney's photo - July 10

I Love Barbaro observed: "11:38 Mom continues to eat at 6oc. Skye is up near 12oc, partially obscured from us by Mom's tail. Judging from her bobbing tail, it looks as though her beak is occasionally to the ground either vacuuming or eating or chewing on some sticks.
Note: I do not think any new food was brought into the nest for this feed. Also, all the food in the nest seems to be fresh. Something huge was brought in this morning..perhaps several things. I thing both parents arrived at the nest in quick intervals earlier, and it looks as though, they both brought food for the day."

sandra gee observed: "8:28pm....She is now at the rear and is dining on some nestovers, can hear her tugging and ripping at whatever is on the menu. The nest has a lovely sunset glow about it. Skye was snacking for approx. 5-6 min., not really a meal."

link to Soundguy's video "6 Hours in 3 Minutes"

Sidney eaglet
REDRUM's photo - July 11
Dawn breaks on the nest and Skye's already up and at 'em.
4:52am.ET... Pulling at Nestovers

kate_oneill observed: "July 11, 4:40 AM Now she's barely discernible over by the tree trunk, crouched over something --- a nestover. [Edited at 5 a.m. to say: this can't be a nestover! We must have just missed a late-night food drop, since she was getting to work on it slowly when jkr and I first tuned in.] By the way: it's big, its white, it's flat, and the crunchings are so loud you'd think Skye she was gnawing on the mic.
5:11 AM Wowzers. She's done! If this feeding began before jkr and I logged on this a.m., as it seems to have done it lasted at least 50 minutes!

sandra gee observed: "5:56am.....Skye's screeching signals the arrival of a parent in with food, Skye squeak/clicking and then does a little whistle sound as well.... Looks like a fish.....The parent??? is mooching around in the nest, Skye picks the fish up and moves to the front of then nest with it. Switched to the WA and now the parent has it and is feeding Skye.
6:02am....Skye is quiet, the parent is feeding itself, cannot see Skye but she is vocal once again. She just raised her wings and stepped out from behind the parent and is voicing and displaying her "want" of more a little hissy fit going on. The parent is done eating and is ignoring Skye."

Sidney eaglet
Queenie's photo - July 11
skipper observed: "July 11, 9:38 a.m.
Looks like she jumped to another branch which is in front of attic. Yikes!!! This branch must be quite close to the WA cam/mic because the sounds of her moving along the branch and flapping is quite loud."
Sidney eaglet
richardpitt's photo from when cam was installed
cam is visible under top rail beside David (posted by Skipper)

Skipper observed: "10:15 a.m.
From looking at the picture I posted, I would say that Skye is sitting above and close to where the cam is--and definitely on the same branch that the cam is hanging from."

link to BBE's video
"Highlights from Attic to Out of Sight" (2:26)

Sidney eagletrichardpitt's photo from when cam was installed
this shows how attic branch gets out to the cam (posted by JudyB)

ostrich observed: "1:16pm eaglet time - adult landed on the nest - that brought Skye into view! Skye made her way along the branches a bit awkwardly but finally hopped down into the nest. I just glanced up again and adult seems to be gone."
trek observed: " 1:46 Feeding is done..appears to be 30 minutes long"

ostrich observed: "2:04 pm eaglet time - Skye is sitting still staring directly in WA cam direction. If she was sitting on the WA cam branch earlier I wonder if she is looking at that spot again trying to decide whether to try to get back up there again."

Sidney eaglet
BBE's photo - July 11

[Skye went back up. There was a lot of speculation about where he was and what he was doing based on the sounds and occasional shadows; it seems likely from the descriptions that he was jumping/flapping from branch to branch with occasionally less-than-graceful results.]

link to harrymilt's video
"Skye on Outside of Tree"

link to Soundguy's video
"Afternoon and Early Evening" (3 min)

[Skye was still out of site near the WA cam when it got dark in the nest]

Sidney eaglet
bociany's photo - July 12
harrymilt: "July 12, Good "sunny and warm" morning: Slye spent the night in the attic. I couldn't see her at 5:00 a.m. this morning, but I heard her."

Sidney eaglet

Sidney eaglet

Sidney eaglet
bociany's photos - July 12

M.Mary observed: "July 12, 8:55
Did you see Skye just fly out and fly back? I'd swear it was a juvenile with a dark head coming back. Went for a loop! Wow@"

sandra gee observed: "9:12am.....eagle seen flying behind the nest and then I'm sure there was another bird as well. The first one was a adult and not sure about the 2nd one. ????

Skipper observed: "9:32 a.m. I think that was Skye that just flew in and land on branch over top of balcony" Very Happy

link to Skipper's video
"Is This Skye?" (20 sec)

link to SharonFeeney's video
"A Quiet Flight - 8:56 am"

Grizzly: "It was a continuous flight, in from behind the leaves on the upper left, swooped down and then up out of frame, and landed in sight on the branches in the upper right. She could be seen there, then hopping between branches, and down into the nest. It was Skye, the same bird that flew in.
We cannot be certain that she didn't fly off a branch and back to the tree. But it was certainly a flight, and it appeared that she came in from beyond the tree. I think it was likely her in Skipper's video."

link to Skipper's video
"Skye Flies In" (1:32)
from about 9:30

Sidney eaglet
Eagle Lover from NYC - Starr's photo - July 12

whippets84 observed: "11:16AM
Parent swoops from balcony into nest, followed by Skye who is peeping away. And, parent now doing a little "beak-feed" with baby. Reminds me of mom with Sid after he fledged."
[feeding probably nestovers]

bev. observed later: "FEEDINGS 9:39- no one really got how long but maybe 5 minutes and it appeared to be nestovers
11:15- one gulp of fish (appeared to eat whole)- very short feeding
11:38- another bit- very short
2:13- parent in with This was a longer feed( could have been as long as 18 min."

Sidney eaglet
AnneAngel's photo - July 12 - 12:41 pm

JudyB observed: "12:34 Thought I saw fly-by before peeping started. Jumped from nest to balcony several times. Did a couple of big flaps on balcony. (Thought she was going) Now on balcony peeping.
12:40 On little branch off balcony, I think. Still peeping and occasionally flapping.
12:41 She went!!!"

sandra gee observed: "12:41pm.....She just FLEW doubt this time......"


Sidney eaglet
Eagle Lover from NYC - Starr's photo - July 12

bociany observed: "12:41: BEAUTIFUL flight from the back of the nest!!" Exclamation

link to Sierra's video
"Skye Flies Off!"
(53 sec)

link to Skipper's video
"Skye is Officially a Fledgling!"(1:40)

link to harrymilt's video
"Fledge Day"
(includes pictures of a group of Hancock Forum members who chose July 12 to visit the nest)

Sidney eaglet
bociany's photo - July 12

kate_oneill observed: "1:00: Incoming! 'Squeal! Squeal,....Clunk. (Crash landing on high.) More squeals. Thrashes. Peep-chuk. Squeal (ad infinitum). Getting closer. (Descending without parachute.) Very excited! Wheeee-uh!Wheeee-uh!"

kringlecat observed: "1:45 pm Skye took off from the upper right branches, and it appeared that she made a circle around the tree. Heard a landing, but am not sure where. Can still hear Skye sort of screech-peeping."

link to willpatt's video
"Skye Fledging!"

Sidney eaglet
AnneAngel's photo - July 12

JudyB observed: "2:08 Parent arrived in nest with food (fish?). Parent starting to nibble. Lots of peeps coming from nearby."
ostrich observed: "2:12pm fledgling time: Skye has come down from the upper branches to claim the fish. Adult is standing nearby."
EagleIowan observed: "2:13 pm Parent flew out the back door.......Skye is still eating."

bagshaw observed: "2:27 - Parent left after the first landing and landed again at 2:26 amidst lots of mantling and peeping on Skye's part. Parent is feeding too. As is Skye - peeping all the way. Now trying to take some food from parent. Having a bit of a hissy fit.
2:30 Almost lost her balance in trying to get the food!!"

Sidney eaglet
Eagle Lover from NYC - Starr's photo - July 12

jkr observed: "3:00 Just tuned in to see Skye peeping like crazy on the end of the balcony branch.
She has her wings out -- wings down --- peeps again. ------flaps into a glider position --- wings down ---peeps some more and flies off to the left meadow peeping all the way.
Peeps very loud near the mic so she must be circling near the nest.
Peeps now are further in the distance.
3:02 Peeps again not very far in the distance.
3:03 Silence.
3:07 Peeps from Skye --- could be higher in the tree.
3:08 A crashing of limbs or leaves.
3:09 2 Skye type peeps. I'd say she's somewhere in the tree ."

link to Soundguy's video
"Skye No Longer Has to Dream" (3:35)

Sidney eaglet
queenie's photo - July 12

elle observed: "SHE FLEW TO A NEARBY OAK AND THEN BACK AGAIN." [Not clear which flight this referred to as elle posted after returning from the nest.]

I Love Barbaro observed: "8:10pm - Shadow fly-by overhead from back left to front right, vocalizing all the way. Sounded like Skye."

link to beans' video
"Skye Can Fly" (2:19)

Sidney eaglet
waxwing59's photo - July 12, 8:15 pm
blue circle is Skye, red circle is parent above nest
link to full size pic
waxwing59 observed: "hello we are locals who live within 500 yards
8 pm -9 pm PST- We have uploaded a picture and 2 videos taken this evening of Skye and parent by us. for the most part Skye spent most of his time in the lower tree in the photo. We set up a temp download site until we can hook up to this forum.
as follows - link"
Sidney eaglet
Skipper's photo - July 13
(twelve weeks old)

Sierra observed: "July 13, 5:03 am
Parent arrives (I think Mom) and looks around. No sounds from Skye, maybe she spent the night in another tree?
5:04 am Soft peeps and trills
5:05 am Skye flies in from the right, but hasn't come down yet. Quiet again.
Parent still in the nest fussing, moving a stick around.
5:09 am Can hear Skye peeping in the distance and parent looks to be watching her fly around. No Skye in the nest yet and Skipper is right, she must of missed the first time. Shoot, could be Dad in the nest, too hard to tell them apart anymore."

link to Skipper's video
"Fledge Day Plus One" (3:20)

bociany observed: "5:34 Nest is empty, but just saw a shadow and heard a thump. Eaglet in branch on tree?
5:35 Must be Skye - I heard a sneeze
5:36 more thrashing and crashing in branches .. there she is! landed on nest, lost balance a bit, now poking in nest bowl."

many people observed Skye scrounging around for nestovers and eating a bit - 5:35 - 6:00 am

link to Soundguy's video
"A Short Visit - 6:00 am" (2:15)

Sidney eaglet
minndem's photo - July 13
sandra gee observed: "6:04am....Skye leaves the nest via branches at the rear of the nest.....can hear her peep as she is flying about, but NOTHING like her carryings on yesterday.
7:46am......Loud rustle heard in branches above...then again. It is very dark at the nest right now. More rustling of the leaves and can see branches above and on the left moving and plop...that was cute...PLOP and there she is on the attic branch.....not the most graceful eaglet. "
Sidney eaglet
Eagle Lover from NYC - Starr's photo - July 13

Ladywingrider observed: "8:03am -- parent arrives with food and doesn't hang around long... takes off toward meadow and Skye is left to eat her brekkie on her own. After those stick-like bites she ate a few minutes ago, this meal looks like it will go down pretty easy. Can't tell what it is but it's brown in color."
sandra gee observed: " eating it, walks away and then hops over top towards the CU. I cannot help but notice how much bigger she seems to be the past couple of days."
I Love Barbaro observed: "Actually, she is eating very slowly, being the gourmand she has become. She'll eat a bite and then look at the food on her plate, then eat again. That usually indicates something on the menu that is still moving.
Self feed lasted 3 minutes."

gordon24freak observed: "8:32 Dad drops into the nest with a flying thunk. Skye knew he was coming, screeched up a storm for his arrival.
He brought her something, she snatched it from him right away, took it to the right front of the nest, mantled a bit. Poor Dad, one of his tail feathers is out of whack, Skye and he tussled a bit, hope he is ok, he doesn't seem bothered by it.
8:33 Dad flies out the back door, the second he is gone, Skye stops squelaing and starts eating.
8:38 Skye eating on the nest, near the back door. She seems to be picking only, and not eating a meal. Parent that was in before Dad, did bring food, she just doesn't know what to do with it, and has left it at 6 oclock on the nest. I cannot tell what Dad brought last time in, but she has also left that at about 4 oclock on the nest. Guess she will have nestovers for later.
8:40 Skye up to the balcony now, has given up on eating."

[maybe 8 minutes self-feeding]

Ceili observed: "10:12 parent in with food drop, looks like a fish. Skye screeching, and mantling. Parent retired to Mom's branch."
bociany observed: "10:14 Skye now leaning over edge of nest at 2:30 o/c, looking around. Parent is gone, Skye is quiet."

Sidney eaglet
Eagle Lover from NYC - Starr's photo - July 13

bociany observed: "10:47 Question I looked away for a second, and looked back and don't see Skye. I thought she looked ready to fly, and I guess she did."
kate_oneil observed: "11:45 AM (approx): an eagle flew under the nest, left to right. The skies have brightened and it appears to be a friendlier day than it was 1/2 hour ago, though still blustery. I hear occasional noises around the WA mic, but that could be almost anyone with wings."
LTurner observed: "1:20 - Skye is back on the nest. I didn't catch the exact arrival time."

Sidney eaglet
Eagle Lover from NYC - Starr's photo - July 13

gemini observed: "1:12 - Parent arrived in the nest. Brought food
1:13 - Skye followed from back meadow landing very gracefully on the balcony branch. Quick hop down and joins parent. Parent immediately leaves! Skye didn't even have time to have a hissy fit!
1:14 - Sky drags food over to 3:00 oc and begins to eat.
1:21 - appears to be finished eating.
Total feeding time approximately 7 minutes"

bev. observed: "2:47- adult in from left at 7:00 o'clock
- Leaves right away
-Skye squeals a bit and mantles and then starts eating as soon as parent leaves.
2:49- The meal looks pink( must be salmon)"
Skipper observed: "3:01 p.m. Skye still gulping down the salmon (haven't seen him eat anything else so enthusiastically on his own).
3:08 p.m. Cams back and it looks like Skye is finished his feast and is standing on the j-g feeling wind with his wings, then a poopshoot and then hop to balcony. "

[about a 19-20 minute self-feed]

Sidney eaglet
beans's photo - July 13
"Early evening's golden light"

jkr observed: "3:54 She flies off to the left meadow.
3:59 Lots of peeping coming from Skye. It sounds like he's flying and peeping. A moment later he's quiet.
4:01 A loud crash in the attic. Has he landed?
4:30 Status Quo ( which means no Skye, no parent and no peeps).
4:57 Very distant peeps but they are drown out by the wind and the planes."

[6:00 - 6:17 lots of calling between parent in tree and parent at a distance; no peeps from Skye]
jkr observed: "6:23 An eagle flies in the distance and..........
Parent flies into the nest at 3:00 and immediately starts to eat Skye's nestover salmon.
Really making lots of crunching noises.
6:25 Okay Skye is in the area peeping like a nut and trying to get to the nest. Probably really upset that someone has taken his food.
He must have missed a landing because he's quiet and hasn't arrived.
6:29 Peeper just did another fly-by and didn't land. A second later he flies by again --- saw him both times on the lower left under the nest.
6:32 Adult is still gobbling down the salmon.
6:35 The wind is picking up and the parent is getting down to the small morsels left on the nest.
6:39 Grazing now and picking the nest bare. Rubbing it's beak in the nesting.
6:40 Parent hops onto the balcony
[and subsequently leaves].

link to Skipper's video
"Skye's Fly-Bys"

Sidney eaglet
AnneAngel's photo - July 13

jkr observed: "7:08 Skye is calling --- she must be in the tree.
7:25 Skye peeps from in the tree."

AnneAngel observed: "8:00 pm - 8:19 pm
Wingersizes at nest"

bev. observed: "9:03- calm and quiet at the nest
9:04- see that upper branch moving again so someone is there.
9:23- adult whistle (not too loud) but close by.
- I think I also heard Skye(upstairs?
9:34- more loud movement from above( leaves in middle of screen moving again)
9:40- thunk near cam
11:07- it is dark and everyone is tucked in. There is an eagle in the nest for sure. The mystery is is it Skye? Can't see but some think it is her."

on to Sidney, BC - Week XIII

[Editor's Note: Starting with Week 13, I plan to summarize observations rather than quoting as I have been doing, unless there is something unique that was observed; the observations have much more grace and character - and take up a lot of room to say that Skye is not in the nest and peeping was heard occasionally at a distance. smile If anyone has concerns about that approach, please let me know.]

Note: When I use the word "observed" with a quote, it's from the Observations thread; when I don't, it's from the Screenshots thread. Unless I goofed.

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