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Sidney Eaglet - Week XIV
(July 21 - July 27)

hatched April 20
fledged July 12

[Editor's Note: I am generally summarizing observations rather than almost always quoting as I did for the first 12 weeks, unless there is something unique that was observed. smile If anyone has concerns about that approach, please let me know. And please do visit the Observations thread and the Screenshots and Video thread for much more information!]

Sidney eaglet
wendybacalar's photo - July 21

July 21 flights:
7:11 am - silently flies in; perfect landing on balcony
7:15 - flies off towards meadow
8:51 - flys in to balcony from right field
8:57 - flies off at 6:00 crashing into leaves on his way out; first time see leaving the nest at the 6:00 position
11:23 - lands at 7:00 position (parent in nest arranging sticks at the time; parent left shortly after Skye arrived)
11:43 - Skye flies off the balcony, to the left and down
12:31 - Skye on the nest again - from left front
(12:35 - parent arrives; leaves around 12:40)
12:41 - flies off to our left over the meadow, following parent

July 21 food deliveries:
none seen; last food delivery to nest was 9:05 a.m. Friday morning, July 20

July 21 other observations:
jkr observed: "11:58 am No doubt that Skye is being fed at locations other than the nest in order to prepare him for migration. ( learns that he has to now follow the food --- it won't always be delivered to where he wants it"

Sidney eaglet
queenie's photo - July 22

Sidney eaglet
Eagle Lover from NYC - Starr's photo - July 22

July 22 flights:
6:00 am - Skye flies into the attic from the field
6:07 - flies off left front of nest
10:22 - flies in from the right onto the balcony; very quiet entrance
10:41 - silently flys off from the balcony to the right field
3:13 - Skye and parent close by....think Skye just landed somewhere in the tree (peeping from tree continued until 6:22 or so)
6:30 - with a few more screeches, Skye
just flew away .. with screeches fading in the distance
7:05 - Skye just came screeching into the tree (heard, not seen; no calls after 7:30 or so; no departure heard)

July 22 food deliveries:
none seen, but he seemed less hungry and spent less time looking for nestovers than the day before

July 22 other observations:
jkr observed: "10:41 Skye did not appear hungry on this visit nor did he peep in any way that indicated that he wanted food delivered."

Sidney eaglet
wendybacalar's photo - July 23

Sidney eaglet
wendybacalar's photo - July 23

Sidney eaglet
terrytvgal's photo - July 23
"Skye being beak fed"

July 23 flights:
5:06 am - 3 loud calls by Skye who seems to be in the tree out of sight
5:32 - he must have flown off. Suddenly his calls and whistles faded out
5:45 - Skye back in the nest - arrived from front left
6:49 - flies off across the meadow peeping
8:02 - flies in, lands on cam, moves to attic
8:23 - flies off silently over the meadow to the right a bit
3:45 - Mom and Sky flew into the nest, together
4:13 - flies off from the sub-balcony, peeping like mad
4:42 - Parent and Skye in nest
5:02 - Skye at 12 o'clock flies off


July 23 food deliveries:
5:59 am - white food (flat fish?); hard to eat; self-feeding lasted about 49 minutes; demeanor calm, not ravenous
3:45 - possibly a small animal - something dark and stringy; Skye picks at it but doesn't seem to eat much; self-feeding lasted almost 30 minutes but not sure if he ate very much or just picked at it
4:42 - Skye is peeping; parent is eating some of that last meal brought in, and is also beak feeding Skye; feeding (beak and self) about 20 minutes


July 23 other observations:
bev. observed: "4:41-5:05 Watching the feed on the closeup cam was great. You could really see how long and stringy the pieces were. It was comical seeing Skye trying to tackle some of these pieces and then squawk for help. The adult was very patient and gentle with Skye." and "Skye only squawked when she was having trouble with the food. While eating Skye had almost purring sounds of content."

Sidney eaglet
REDRUM's photo - July 24
White dots are bales of hay produced today

July 24 flights:
7:25 am - Skye just flew into the upper right of the tree calling during his arrival. Suddenly he's quiet --- can't be certain that he's landed in the tree or flew over. Subsequent sounds suggested he was in the tree.
11:01 - Skye calling out in the distance (so no longer in tree); departure time uncertain

July 24 food deliveries:
none seen

July 24 other observations:
Activity on the ground - haying in fields about 100 yards away; noise makes it hard to hear sometimes

Sidney nest
Blue Heaven's photo - July 24

Blue Heaven: "Here is a picture of the nest tree in relation to the platform tree. You can see the platform in the dead tree. The nest tree is turned around from what we are used to: 6 o'clock is on the left, marked with a white "x" and the balcony branch on the right. You can see the 'zorro' branch we used to see beyond the balcony branch last year. "

Sidney eaglet
Cora Anne's photo - July 25

July 25 flights:
4:50-4:51 am - Screech calling by Skye who can also be heard moving around in the upper tree top
5:30 - Skye gives out 3 loud calls and takes off from above the tree
2:53 - peeping in the distance as he flies onto the nest
3:04 - Skye flies off to the left meadow
3:10 - flies onto one the branches up in the attic
3:49 - flies out from attic branches to far meadow
7:23 - with a thud lands in the upper branches
8:45 - took off out over the meadow, still peeping

July 25 food deliveries:
6:58am - Mom arrives with food; eats; leaves at 7:12; no sign of Skye

July 25 other observations:
there are lots of reports of peeping heard throughought the day

Sidney eaglet
wendybacalar's photo - July 26

sidney eaglet
bociany's photo - July 26

July 26 flights:
5:26 am - Skye comes in peeping and lands on the balcony
5:32 - He's off the back of the nest with some loud peeps
6:47 - Skye on the nest - flew in from left rear - noisily - but quiet once on the nest
7:12 - Skye flies off back porch left toward the meadow
10:42 - Skye has flown into the attic somewhere peeping his beak off
10:48 - Skye flies away from top left of the WA cam, gone off to the meadow, all is quiet again
10:54 - Skye is in tree near the cam
10:57 - flies off towards right meadow
1:09 - peep which sounded very nearby, possibly in the tree
2:19 - peeped in tree until 1:52; heard in distance at 2:19; departure time uncertain
2:51 - flew into the attic branches - visual sighting
3:42 - flew out of the attic branches - visual sighting
6:17 - lands in the attic, then drops into nest
6:57 - A shrilling peep and he's off to the left meadow peeping all the way

July 26 food deliveries:
6:47 am - not a delivery but seems to be eating nestovers for 10-12 minutes

July 26 other observations:

Sidney eaglet
wendybacalar's photo - July 27

Sidney eaglet
bociany's photo - July 27

July 27 flights:
7:32 am - from the peeping, sounds as if Skye is in the tree
9:35 - flies off to the right field
11:36 - Just heard a couple peeps - Skye is in the tree
11:39 - Skye flew off towards the meadow
1:42 - Skye makes a screeching peep all the way to the tree
2:05 - Skye is gone
2:25 - sounds like he's come to the tree again; not visible
3:41 - lots of peeping by Skye - sounds like he may have gone to the platform nest (wind made it hard to judge distance)
3:47 - saw Skye on CU cam coming in for a landing in the upper attic
4:47 - Skye out of attic

July 27 food deliveries:
none seen

July 27 other observations:
jkr observed: 1:53 A crow moves onto the branch caawing and Skye went into attack mode and jumped at it and it flew off. It came back then changed its mind and left again. Skye did not peep at all. Way to go Skye !

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Note: When I use the word "observed" with a quote, it's from the Observations thread; when I don't, it's from the Screenshots thread. Unless I goofed.

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