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Sidney Eaglet - Week XV
(July 28 - August 3)

hatched April 20
fledged July 12

[Editor's Note: I am generally summarizing observations rather than almost always quoting as I did for the first 12 weeks, unless there is something unique that was observed. smile If anyone has concerns about that approach, please let me know. And please do visit the Observations thread and the Screenshots and Video thread for much more information!]

Sidney eaglet
wendybacalar's photo - July 28

Sidney eaglet
bociany's photo - July 28

Sidney eaglet
wendybacalar's photo - July 28

Sidney eaglet
Sierra's photo - July 28
Skye with his fish

July 28 flights:
5:29 am- Skye came screeching into the nest landing on the upper back branches
5:54 - Skye just took off peeping very loudly from the tree to the right meadow
6:56 - here comes Skye into the nest and once there stops squealing
8:29 - Skye took off flying to the right meadow
1:30 - Just popped in to see Skye in the nest (arrived after 1:22)
1:56 - cams were down; Skye gone when they returned
1:58 - Skye arrives with a fish in his talons
4:55 - a bit of an awkward stance but Skye takes off into the meadow
6:35 - arrives on to the balcony
6:39 - flies off to the right meadow, peeping on his exit
6:57 - back in nest, off camera
8:45 - 3 louder peeps followed by quick peeps and he's off flying somewhere out there
8:48 - Skye just flew into the attic once again
8:49 - he whistles and peeps and flies off once again

July 28 food deliveries:
6:56 am - no delivery; ate nestovers for about 10 minutes
1:58 - Skye arrives with a fish in his talons; self-feeding lasted about 21 minutes

July 28 other observations:
jkr observes: "2:00 - SKYE BRINGS HOME HIS FIRST FISH! WAY TO GO SKYE! Skye makes a fly-by on WA cam at top of screen and comes zooming in peeping at 6:00. He's got something in his talons on CU cam. Looks like a fish. He must have brought it with him. Possibly took it from the parents at the platform. Begins eating."

sandra gee observed: "1:58 - Skye is seen circling the nest and arrives via the front door, left side, with, as we see now from the videos, he did have a fish in his talons. So, in the space if approx 7 min, Skye is laying in the nest, leaves the nest, and returns with a fish in his talons"

Sidney eaglet

Sidney eaglet

Sidney eaglet
wendybacalar's photos - July 29

July 29 flights:
6:31 am - flies around the nest peeping louding then lands
6:58 - Skye takes off flying from 5:00 position - out to the right field, peeping in the distance as he flies
9:35 - flies in following parent with food
(long nap in nest)
12:16 - off he goes, peeping as he leaves
4:31 - flies in after parent arrived with food
8:39 - Skye flies off nest down to the left and away

July 29 food deliveries:
9:35 - Adult arrives with a rodent on the nest at 12:00; Skye flies in right behind and grabs the rodent
9:36 - not much of a meal and he peeps more than he eats
9:39 - Skye screeches and makes his way to 6:00
4:31 - Parent came into the nest with dinner for Skye!
Skye immediately flew in, parent left and Skye is eating and peeping occassionally
4:41 - Skye turns away from the food and goes back to pick at the original drop area of this meal;' self-feed 9-11 minutes

July 29 other observations:
whippets84 observed: "10:32AM No change, our baby is still a flatlet in the middle of the nest. Do you think mom has grounded him with the ravens around. It's unusual for Skye to spend this much time (yesterday and today) sticking around the nest."

sandra gee observed: "5:44 I believe we have been listening to another juvenile eagle in the distance because, if this was not Skye on the nest wouldn't the parents be on the nest immediately?" Second juvenile heard for several hours while Skye remained in the nest.

Sidney eaglet
terrytvgal's photo - July 30

July 30 flights:
7:48 am - Skye arrives following parent with food
8:24 - he is off and peeps as he departs
1:16 - Skye is in the tree and just peeping away!
(not sure when he left - next reported peeps at a distance)
5:57 - Skye lands on the balcony (ravens around)
7:48 - Skye flies down across meadow screeching

July 30 food deliveries:
7:48 am - adult arrives silently, bearing food (possibly a fish head). Seconds later Skye swoops in, lands on the upper branch screaming excitedly, and then descends to the nest
8:24 - Skye leaves the nest - self-feed 29 minutes
7:32-7:42 - eating nestovers approx 8 -10 min

July 30 other observations:

Sidney eaglet
Eagle Lover from NYC - Starr's photo - July 31

Sidney eaglet
queenie's photo - July 31
(Skye perched on far right)

And here is beans' video "Alone in the Nest at Sunset" (4:53) from July 31

July 31 flights:
6:39 am - Skye lands on the back porch, screeching all the way
6:55 - leaves back porch down to the left peeping
11:01 - Skye arrives, grabs food from parent and parent hops to the balcony
11:15 - Skye off the nest from the balcony
1:13 - follows parent with food to the nest (was in attic since 12:55)
1:38 - Skye out the back door
6:13 - 2 peeps from Skye who is above in the nest tree
(moving around in the tree)
8:55 - Skye went to 12 o'clock area and flew out meadow side!

July 31 food deliveries:
6:40 - Skye self-fed 10 minutes - not sure if new food or nestovers (parent was in nest apparently eating nestovers earlier - but might have brought food)
11:01 - Skye arrives, grabs food from parent and parent hops to the balcony; 7-10 minutes self feed
1:13 - Skye starts screaming and sure enough in comes a parent with food; about 10 minutes self feed

July 31 other observations:
Lolly observed: "Did anyone notice that at the 1300 feeding that Skye came up with an eagle warble while taking possession of the food?"

Sidney nest
beans's photo - July 31
"Swaying gently in the breeze, the nest is empty at 1:30 PM"

August 1 flights:
7:41 am - Skye arrives
8:06 - Skye out

August 1 food deliveries:
7:50 am - Parent arrives with breakfast and Skye immediately goes crazy, attacking the parent for the food
8:04 - Skye finished eating....time self-feeding approx. 12 min

August 1 other observations:
lots of reports of peeping, calls and other noises but no additional sightings

Sidney eaglet
harrymilt's photo - July 26
from his video Raven Attack on Skye and Family (2:50)

August 2 other observations:
reports of adult calls and skye-like peeps, though less than the day before; no eagles seen in or near nest

Skye fledged 3 weeks ago today, on July 12.

Sidney eaglet
queenie's photo - July 31
Skye leaves the nest

August 3 :
Written by David Hancock:
"Hi all:
The Sidney nest is over -- or should be. As many of you know I always considered that the "wilderness eagles" hung around the nest for 5 to 7 days with the parents in attendance. Then came the big day -- Mom and Dad were gone. Anywhere from another 3 - 6 days and the noisy protesting fledglings were gone as well.
Our urban eagles don't seem to be quite so precise. I had seldom ever seem wilderness eagles bring food back to the nest after fledgling -- but our urban eagles seem to do this a lot. And as we saw last year for almost two weeks after Sid fledged.
I want to thank you all for being so diligent and persistent in your nest observations and postings. It has given us an incredible detailed look at timing and behavior that will be even more meaningful in 10 or 20 years to see how they have changed again."

Note: When I use the word "observed" with a quote, it's from the Observations thread; when I don't, it's from the Screenshots thread. Unless I goofed.

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