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Burnaby, BC
hatched April 23 and April 26
(No Cam)

Most pictures and info are from the Hancock Wildlife Channel's
thread on the Burnaby Eagle Nest

Additional info and pictures are from the Maine Bald Eagle Cam Discussion Forum's
thread on the Burnaby Eagles

Photos by WillPatt are © 2008 Will Patterson, all rights reserved

This nest is located in a tree in a small park in a residential area of Burnaby, BC. It's unusual not only for being is such a populated area, but for being in a tree with leaves that hide the nest (parents generally seem to prefer an unobstructed view from the nest), and for being several miles from the nearest body of water large enough to catch fish. This nest successfully fledged 2 eaglets in 2007.

Burnaby nest
's photo - April 13, 2007 - parent in nest
(note that the leaves are just beginning to open - they'll get much bigger!)

Based on past experience, look for eggs in early or mid April, chicks in mid May, and fledging in early to mid August.

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