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Libby Dam, MT
hatched ~April 25 and April 27
fledged ~July 15 and ~July 20


Most pictures are from the Maine Bald Eagle Cam Discussion Forum's
thread on the Libby Dam Bald Eagle Cam

Additional info and pictures from the Hancock Wildlife Channel's
thread on the Libby Dam Bald Eagle Cam

Libby Dam is located on the on the Kootenai River in northwestern Montana. The nest, also known as the Souse Gulch Eagle Nest, was established in 1996, with the first eggs in 1997. Since then, the pair has fledged 19 eaglets, including two in 2007.

Based on past experience, look for eggs in mid to late March, chicks in late April, and fledging in mid July.

Summary of 2008 Season:
  • eggs laid: the cam web site reported an egg was seen March 19
  • hatched: there were two tiny chicks April 29!
  • fledged: hard to tell from camera angle, but around July 15 (81 days - 11.5 weeks) and July 20 (84 days - 12 weeks)
  • last seen: both seen August 13 (15.5 weeks), one seen August 27 (17.5 weeks)
JudyB's photos - April 29, 2008
JudyB's photos - May 8, 2008
(almost 2 weeks old)


JudyB's photos - May 19, 2008
(a bit over 3 weeks old)

JudyB's photos - May 27, 2008
(a bit over 4 weeks old)


JudyB's photos - May 30, 2008
(older is 5 weeks old)


JudyB's photos - June 6, 2008
(older is 6 weeks old)

Lori's photos - June 11, 2008


Lori's photos - June 13, 2008
(older is 7 weeks old)


JudyB's photos - June 20, 2008
(older is 8 weeks old)
It is interesting how different in size they look at different parts of the nest! However you look at it - they are getting big!
Note the parent on watch in the tree at the right edge of the first two pictures - I'm guessing that lots of times when we think eaglets this age are "home alone" there's a parent not far away.

JudyB's photos - June 23, 2008
I know it's partly the perspective of the cam - but what big wings!


JudyB's photos - June 27, 2008
(older is 9 weeks old)


Lori's photos - July 2, 2008


JudyB's photos - July 4, 2008
(older is 10 weeks old)

Lori's photos - July 7, 2008
Lori's photos - July 9, 2008

At first glance, I saw the head of the eaglet standing on the right side of the nest, and wondered where the other eaglet was. And then I saw the big foot right in front of the camera! I think the one at the back of the nest was jumping down from a branch in the second shot.

The first picture of this pair shows both of them branching - the second eaglet is in the upper left corner of the picture - you can see the tail sticking down below the branch. One of them spent a lot of time up on that branch while I was watching them. The second picture is one of many I took showing them moving around the nest.
JudyB's photos - July 9, 2008
(older is almost 11 weeks old)

nightengale's photos - July 14, 2008


Lori's photos - July 15, 2008
I took a peek at them this morning and only saw one. They are now in the "branching" stage.
From this sequence of pics, I think we can all tell where this eaglet branched.

nightengale's photos - July 17, 2008
(older is almost 12 weeks old)
second picture captures two 'kids' on the outer branch ....

JudyB's photos - July 18, 2008
(older is 12 weeks old)
nightengale's photos - July 23, 2008
... well, I didn't catch a visit for 4 days .. was beginning to think we might not see them back at the nest again
.... but at about 3:40 PM, nest time .... BINGO
nightengale's photos - July 24, 2008
nightengale's photos - July 25, 2008
(older is 13 weeks old)


nightengale's photos - July 26, 2008
...parent on the nest ... Mom? ... Dad? .... bringing in 'a bite to eat' .... soon the young ones come to the nest to partake of the prey ..... starting at 8:30 AM, nest time ...


nightengale's photos - July 27, 2008

nightengale's photos - August 1, 2008
(older is 14 weeks old)


JudyB's photos - August 1, 2008
(older is 14 weeks old)
Well, the older Libby Dam eaglet is about 14 weeks old today - and I wanted to get some pictures for my "eaglets at 14 weeks old" page. However, I didn't realize that one of these little ones really wanted to have a close-up! Unfortunately for the little show-off, I probably will use nightengale's 12:55 picture which shows both of the fledglings quite well. But if I ever need a picture of the tonsils of a 14-week-old eaglet - I now know where to go!

nightengale's photos - August 3, 2008
JudyB's photos - August 6, 2008
(older is almost 15 weeks old)

JudyB's photos - August 13, 2008
(about 15-1/2 weeks old)
This is the last picture we got of both fledglings - with one of the adults out on the branch as a bonus.

JudyB's photos - August 27, 2008
(older is almost 18 weeks old)
One fledgling was seen at the nest for a couple of hours in the late afternoon on both August 26 and 27; that was the last time we saw either of them at the nest. They were about 17-1/2 weeks old, and had been flying for around 6 weeks.

Fare well.

All images are the property of the cam from which they were taken and/or the person credited.
Thank you for letting me use the images for this compilation.