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Sidney, BC
hatched ~April 20 and ~April 23

Most pictures and info are from the Hancock Wildlife Channel's
thread Photos of the Saanich Eagles and other Victoria Wildlife

Photos by HarryMilt are © 2008 Harry Johnson, all rights reserved

This pair fledged 2 eaglets, named Victoria and Sidney, in 2006. They laid two eggs in 2007, one of which hatched and successfully fledged; that eaglet was named Skye. This pair was observed building a feeding platform in 2007, which they made into a second nest that they are using for 2008. The original nest (link above) has two cameras, giving both a wide-angle view of the nest and surrounding branches and a close-up view of the nest bowl; both are streaming video with sound. Attempts to place cameras in the alternative nest were unsuccessful - the tree was too high for the crane - so pictures for 2008 will be provided by observers on the ground.

Sidney nest
Richard Pitt's photo - September 9, 2006 - original nest
© 2007 Richard Pitt, all rights reserved

Sidney platform
birdofprey's photo - July 24, 2007 - feeding platform
© 2007 birdofprey, all rights reserved

Sidney nest
Blue Heaven's photo - July 12, 2007 - original nest and platform
© 2007 Blue Heaven, all rights reserved

new Sidney nest
HarryMilt's photo - April 28, 2008 - Dad (left) delivers food to Mom in new nest (right)

Based on past experience, look for eggs in early to mid March, chicks in mid April, and fledging in mid to late July.

Sidney eaglets
HarryMilt's photo - April 20, 2008
elle: Mum was sitting quite high up in the nest. Could mean a bobblehead has hatched??

KSteer: I sat for 20 minutes looking at Ma and Pa Saanich's new nest last evening. An adult was sitting at the side of the nest with its back to me and by the way it was acting I'm sure it was feeding an eaglet (or two). (posted April 24)

Sidney eaglets
HarryMilt's photo - April 26, 2008
Pa delivering food to the babies.
Sidney eaglets
HarryMilt's photo - April 28, 2008
(maybe a week old - still haven't made a public appearance)
Sidney eaglets
HarryMilt's photo - May 4, 2008
First sighting of an eaglet.
Sidney eaglets
HarryMilt's photo - May 5, 2008
Sidney eaglets
sandra gee's photo - May 6, 2008
© 2008 sandra gee, all rights reserved
The two little dots in the nest are the eaglets - first picture of both together.
Sidney eaglets
HarryMilt's photo - May 7, 2008
(younger is about two weeks old)

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