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Delta 1, BC

Most pictures are from the Hancock Wildlife Channel's
forum on the Delta 1 Bald Eagle Cam

Additional pictures are from the Maine Bald Eagle Cam Discussion Forum's
thread on the Delta BC Bald Eagle Cam

This pair either abandoned their nest or were driven off by a nearby pair in 2007, but returned in 2008 to raise two eaglets. The older one fledged successfully, but the younger one fell from the nest when he was almost 11 weeks. He was found and taken to the Orphaned WildLife Rehabilitation Society (O.W.L.), where he was found to have no major injuries, but was underweight so they admitted him. He was released about 5 weeks later. Eagles believed to be his sister and one of their parents were seen in the area until he was released, at which time they all disappeared - we like to think heading North together for the salmon runs. The nest had fallen apart quite a bit by the end of the 2008 nesting season, and wasn't substantially rebuilt for 2009, leading to the loss of an egg which rolled out of the now-tiny nest. We are hoping that the remaining eggs will survive to hatch, and that the young parents will be able to hold the nest together until the eaglets fledge.

Photo of nest and the two eaglets from 2008 by Judy Barrows © July 15, 2008
all rights reserved

In 2008, this pair had eggs in early April and chicks in early May, but nearby eagles had chicks in early April - so not sure yet what is normal here.

Summary of 2009 Season:

  • eggs laid: beginning around April 4
  • egg lost: one egg fell out of the nest and broke in mid-April
  • cams on: May 2
  • hatched: May 11 (seen 4:51 pm); May 13 (9:04 am)
  • sad news: June 4 - the older eaglet died when the part of the nest where she was standing gave way; a net was subsequently installed June 5 to provide some additional protection for the remaining eaglet

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