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Delta OWL, BC

Most pictures are from the Hancock Wildlife Channel's
forum on the Delta OWL Bald Eagle Cam

This nest is located in the same general area of Delta, British Columbia, as the Orphaned WildLife Rehabilitation Society (O.W.L.), which cared for Delta Dan, who fell out of the Delta 1 nest in 2008 and needed some extra help to get ready for the fall migration. This nest was new in 2008, and while the pair built a nest and spent time there, they did not lay any eggs (not uncommon for the first year of a new nest).

Delta OWL nest
Photo of nest by Karen Bills © August 2009
used with permission, all rights reserved

Based on other nests in the area, eggs could come any time from late February to mid April.

Summary of 2009 Season:
  • eggs laid: 2 eggs laid on or before February 23
  • cam on: March 8
  • sad news: neither egg hatched; the parents continued incubating steadily until mid-April (a good 2 weeks after the anticipated hatch dates), then began to leave the nest for longer and longer periods of time; the eggs were eventually eaten by crows near the end of April, and it appeared that one might have had an embryo - suggesting at least one egg might have been viable but succumbed to the cold weather this spring
  • cam off: May 2

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