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Fort St. Vrain, CO
hatched April 4, 6 & 9

Most pictures are from the Maine Bald Eagle Cam Discussion Forum's
thread on the Fort St. Vrain Eagle Cam

Additional info and pictures from the BirdCam Forum's
thread on the Fort St. Vrain Eagle Cam
and the Hancock Wildlife Channel's thread on the Fort St. Vrain Bald Eagle Cam

There are two cams on this nest, one overhead and the other looking from the side; in theory you're supposed to be able to switch back and forth but I've only been able to see the overhead cam. They are continuing to try to add sound, but still haven't succeeded at that. The cam is solar-powered, so will be shut down from dusk to dawn to conserve power and might be a bit uncertain on very dark days. There are also photos for the day from both cams saved in four-minute increments (side-view first, followed by overhead), so you can see what has happened in the previous 24 hours.

This nest is at Xcel Energy's Fort St. Vrain Power Station in Platteville, Colorado. Local time is Mountain time. The nest is 6 feet wide and 5 feet deep, and has been active for years. The camera was installed in 2003. This pair successfully raised 3 chicks in 2008, 2 in 2007, 3 in 2006, and 2 in most of the previous years that they've been watched.

Fort St Vrain nest
tomihawk's photo - July 20, 2007 - from BirdCam Forum

Based on past experience, look for eggs in the first half of March, chicks in mid-April, and fledging in early July.

Summary of 2009 Season:
  • eggs laid: seen February 17, 6:58 am; February 19, 6:00 pm; late February 23 or early February 24
  • hatched: first egg March 27, 5:40 am (38 days); second egg March 27, 3:00 pm (36 days); third egg Mar 31 2:50 pm (35 days)
  • sad news: all three chicks died April 17; apparently one of the parents was lost around April 14, and the remaining parent wasn't able to keep the eaglets warm and fed during a bad wind/rain/snow storm; the older two were almost 3 weeks old and the little one was about 2-1/2 weeks

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