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NCTC, Shepherdstown, WV

Most pictures are from the Maine Bald Eagle Cam Discussion Forum's
thread on the NCTC Eagle Cam

Additional info and pictures from the Hancock Wildlife Channel's
thread on the NCTC Shepherdstown Bald Eagle Cam

Liberty and Belle have been in this location at the the National Conservation Training Center near the Potomac River since late 2002, built their nest mostly in late 2003 and early 2004, and Belle laid her first egg February 14, 2004. The pair raised two chicks in 2004, one in 2005 and three in 2006; they had three eggs in 2007 but none survived the spring storms.

Shepherdstown nest
July 14, 2007 - visit to the site
© 2007 Paula Compton, used with permission, all rights reserved

Based on past experience, look for eggs in the first half of February, chicks in mid-March, and fledging in early June.

Summary of 2009 Season:
  • eggs laid: January 31, 2:14 am; February 2, 7:50 pm; seen February 6, 7:00 pm
  • hatched: March 14, 3:04 pm (36 days for #3)

WV eaglets
Sherri's photo - March 14, 2009
right after hatching

JudyB's photo - March 14, 2009
already sticking its little head up

Debbie57's photo - March 15, 2009

Lori's photo - March 15, 2009

vabeacheaglewatcher's photo - March 15, 2009


Sherri's photos - March 16, 2009

Sherri's photos - March 17, 2009
Eagle Lovers from NYC/Starr's photos - March 18, 2009

kittenface's photo - March 18, 2009
the eaglet is only 4 days old - and see how much bigger it is than the egg

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