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Sooner Lake, OK

Most pictures are from the Maine Bald Eagle Cam Discussion Forum's
thread on the Sooner Lake Eagle Cam

Additional info and pictures from the Hancock Wildlife Channel's
thread on the Sooner Lake Eagle Cam

This nest has streaming video with two cams mounted on poles at opposite sides of the nest. The pictures below are from April 2008 when there was a cam mounted on a phone pole 100 yards from the nest and show the general area around the nest and the nest structure; I believe the cam visible on the right side of the nest strcuture has been replaced with one that works, and a companion cam has been added to the left side.

The nest is on Sooner Lake, near Stillwater in north-central Oklahoma. The current nest is on an artificial tower erected by the Sutton Avian Research Center and local utility OG&E to replace the original dead nest tree used by this pair after it fell down. The pair first built a nest in the dead tree in 1995, and laid their first eggs in 1996. Since then, they've fledged 24 eaglets, with three eaglets in 2000 and 2002. 2008 was the first year they've known how many eggs were laid; they do know that three eggs hatched in 2007, but the youngest chick was unable to compete for food with its older siblings, so only two of them fledged. There was an unusual clutch of four eggs laid in 2008, but the cam was down for a month shortly after they started to hatch, so we don't know how many of them hatched; there were two eaglets when the cam came back, and both fledged successfully.

Sooner Lake nest 

(Thanks to Alan Jenkins, Assistant Director of the G. M. Sutton Avian Research Center, for the background information and the picture of the eggs)

Summary of 2009 Season:
  • eggs laid: February 6, 3:47 pm (after about 3 hours of labor); February 9, 4:10 pm; late February 13 or early February 14 (seen 7:56 am)
  • hatched: March 21, 6:58 am (40 days if second egg, 36 days if third egg)


Tonya's photos - March 21, 2009
first look at the eaglet and first feeding

Velma Flann's photo - March 21, 2009
Sherri's photos - March 21, 2009

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