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Week in Review
July 1, 2007

Kent, WA
April 30
May 1

Shoebutton's photo - June 29
59 and 60 days old (about 8 -1/2 weeks)
a bit of branching followed by a jump-flap across the nest

July 1 update from Marcia

"Names for the eaglets have been chosen by the landowners.

Names have been chosen for our 2007 Eaglets, Albert (smaller one) and Einstein (of course, the larger one). We feel since there hasn't been much aggression toward each other and they take care of each other too that they're both males. We could be totally wrong but then it wouldn't be the first time. Anyway, those names seem to fit perfectly."

Puget Sound, WA
April 26

Shoebutton's photo - June 28
63 days old (9 weeks)

We'd been thinking she wasn't flapping as much as Skye and Limuw were at this age - and I guess she heard us. Little "Joy" (our nickname for her (?) on the Maine Forum thread) has been doing a whole lot of flapping and some flapping hops across the nest.

Sidney, BC
April 20


Sidney eaglet
73 days (10-1/2 weeks)
bociany's photo - July 2
"Going Up!"

link to Soundguy's video "Morning Workout" (1:40)

link to Soundguy's video "Airborne" (40 sec)

Santa Cruz, CA
April 13

June 28


Santa Cruz eaglet
76 days (almost 11 weeks)
Lori's photo - June 28

Limuw returning from his first flight - he fledged at about 11 am on June 28 - at 10 weeks, 6 days!

link to carole79's video "Limuw's Second Flight"

Fort St. Vrain, CO
April 9
April 11

Fort St Vrain eaglets
's photo - July 1
81 and 83 days (almost 12 weeks)

there are a lot of pictures of an empty nest in the pics from the last 24 hours on the cam web site, and some pics of a parent alone in the nest - they definitely are doing serious branching, and one or both might have fledged. I'm hoping the cam operators will post an announcement soon.

Barton's Cove, MA
April 6
April 8 or 9

younger fledged
June 28

The younger Barton's Cove eaglet (nicknamed "Vanilla" or "Van") fledged at about noon on June 28, at 81 days (11-1/2 weeks) - and Sharon got a video! His big sister (?) "Choco" (for Chocolate) has been doing some serious flapping and branching, but we haven't seen proof she's fledged. It's hard to know for sure as both of them branch on the edge of the nest and on some of the little branches you can see below - and that's out of sight of the cam - but Sharon and her kayak are visiting as often as possible!

I don't normally have more than one photo in an update - but Sharon had such great pictures this week that I needed to post two of them - do check out the link at the end for more!
Barton's Cove eaglets
's photo - June 25
(78 and 80 days)
"look where one of the 'lets managed to get itself"
(it was back in the nest when Sharon checked on the 26th)

link to SharonFeeney's video of younger (lighter-colored) eaglet fledging June 28, about noon

Barton's Cove eaglet
's photo - June 28
(81 days for the younger eaglet - 11-1/2 weeks)
"After paddling a couple of miles away from the nest, I returned on the opposite side of the island from where I last saw the fledgling. As I turned the corner, there it was - and it was so close that I was about to paddle right by it. I never would have purposefully been this close and I hope I didn't spook it nearly as much as it surprised me. I had last seen it on the opposite side of the island from this." (The fledged eaglet returned to the nest that evening.)

link to the rest of Sharon's photos of the fledgling

Two Harbors
Catalina Island, CA
April 6
April 8


Sorry - don't have anything to post

West End
Catalina Island, CA
April 1
April 1
April 4


At least two of them have fledged - K-72 and K-73 fledged on (or maybe slightly before June 25, which would be 85 days (12 weeks, 1 day) for the two older eaglets

Hope to have more next week

Norfolk, VA

March 10
March 12
March 14 or 15

May 29
June 1
June 2

Norfolk eaglets
BIRDER's photo - July 1
(about 16 weeks)

link to annsva's video Norfolk Eaglets 2007 (7:06) - it's wonderful!!

Blackwater, MD

March 1 - Justice
March 3 - Majesty

probably around
May 22nd

Nothing new - didn't have time to look for pictures

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