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Week in Review
July 15, 2007

Hornby Island, BC
~May 1
~May 5

Hornby eaglets
Doug Carrick's photo - July 17
"Thunder and Lightning"

Big news from Hornby Island this week - Doug Carrick reports that there are two eaglets - and he got a picture of them! He first saw them during a thunderstorm, so named them Thunder and Lightning.

And more big news - David Hancock and Doug Carrick met and worked out an agreement - and we will be able to watch the Hornby nest again next year on the Hancock Wildlife Channel! Ma and Pa Hornby are the first eagles I ever watched, and they won my heart - so I am thrilled at the news. big smile

Kent, WA
April 30
May 1

Kent eaglets
Landowner's photo - July 15
The fledgling visits the landowners - link for full description

The big news here is the fledging of the first of the eaglets (seen above on his tour of the neighborhood). Assuming this is the older eaglet (which is what the landowners think, and they have the high-quality video stream), he fledged at 76 days - the same as Limuw in Santa Cruz. If it's the younger, as some of us initially thought, he would be fledging at 75 days and beating Limuw's record - but either way, it's a job well done! And he did return to the nest the following afternoon, took a brief nap, and resumed branching!

Puget Sound, WA
April 26

Sherri's photo - July 14
Eaglet branching in a new - and more distant spot (top center of the pic)

link to a great series of photos of Mom showing the eaglet how to get to the branch from the day before - we've been speculationg that the parents "teach" the eaglets where to branch by example - Skye in Sidney started by branching on the branch known as "the Balcony" or "Mom's Branch" - because it was where Mom Sidney usually sat to watch over Skye - close but out of the way for Skye's flapping. And at Kent, the recent fledgling started branching to the branches where the parents usually sit.

Sherri's photos here go one step further - they show a parent taking a roundabout root to a perch - perhaps showing the watching eaglet how it's done! Smile

Sidney, BC
April 20


Sidney eaglet
AnneAngel's photo - July 12 - 12:41 pm

Skye actually took his first flight at around 9:00 am from the upper branches - leave it to the most observed eaglet on the face of the earth to fledge unseen!

link to my Sidney Week 12 page for events leading up to the fledge
and pictures and videos of Skye flying
and check the Hancock Wildlife Channel Forum's
Observations and Screenshots & Videos threads for all the details
and lots more pictures and videos

Santa Cruz, CA
April 13

June 28


Santa Cruz eaglet
photo by r.e.s. - July 15
link to the rest of the photos in the landing sequence

link to EDblue's video "Limuw's Silent Return" (3:17)

Dave from the IWS Crew reported July 12: "As you all know, Limuw's been returning to the nest almost every day since he fledged close to 2 weeks ago, and we've been keeping a close eye on him since his 'early' departure (both direct observation and monitoring his GPS data). Although he's slowly starting to venture farther from the nest, he's been spending the majority of his time within a few hundred yards of home. Both K-10 (Dad) and K-26 (Mom) have continued to supply him with all the food he needs (as you've all been observing on the webcam), so he can spend his leisure time perching and perfecting his flying skills. Kim was out watching him for the majority of the day yesterday, first finding him about a ½ mile east of the nest, although he eventually moved back to the nest canyon, where one of the parents was waiting patiently for his return. Based on all your webcam observations from yesterday, I see that he was back in the nest later in the day."

Barton's Cove, MA
April 6
April 8 or 9

younger fledged
June 28
older fledged
July 11

Barton's Cove eaglets
's photo - July 11
These are not Choco and Vanilla - and it seems unlikely
they'd be here unless Choco had fledged....

SharonFeeney reported: "July 11, 11:55 am binocular sighting - One adult eagle on Mom's branch with a juvi perched next to her. One fledgling on the ground under mom's branch; a very safe spot to be. I was there for only about five minutes, and the juvi at water's edge under mom appeared to be doing well. It was strutting around in about a 15 or 20 ft wide area and flapped its wings a few times. Hopefully, I can get at least another binocular view in later today. Choco and Vanilla have done well thanks to Mom and Dad Barton!"

link to SharonFeeney's July 14 video "Branch to Branch" (40 sec)
possibly the newly fledged eaglet?

Twin Rocks
Catalina Island, CA

April 3
April 4

no cam

Twin Rocks eaglets
photo by eaglegal - July 10
I don't normally post pictures from this nest - but this
is such a great picture of what I imagine most of the eaglets
are doing at this age! This pair is about 14 weeks old -
a little older than the Two Harbors and Bartons Cove eaglets .

Two Harbors
Catalina Island, CA
April 6
April 8

~July 3 (K-78)
~July 10 (K-79)


Two Harbors eaglets
edited version of photo by eaglegal - July 3
link to full-size pictures and more news from Eaglegal
(a little over 12 weeks)

This was from a couple of weeks ago, just after the first one fledged, and shows K-78 (the male Sol) flying around the nest with K-79 (the female Luna) perched on the edge (see insert & use a little imagination! Very Happy The cam has been down for a while so there aren't many recent photos - but the big news for the week is that the Two Harbors page is now complete and lets you watch the little ones from their first feeding at the incubation center to this spectacular flight! Exact time of fledging isn't know because the cam was down - the dates I'm using are when IWS staff saw them flying on their weekly visits to the nest areas.

West End
Catalina Island, CA
April 1
April 1
April 4


Sorry - don't have anything to post

Hope to have more next week - did Two Harbors this week
so West End is next!

All images are the property of the cam from which they were taken and/or the person credited.
Thank you for letting me use the images for this compilation.