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Sidney Eaglet - Week XIII
(July 14 - July 20)

hatched April 20
fledged July 12

[Editor's Note: Starting this week, I plan to summarize observations more rather than almost always quoting as I had been doing, unless there is something unique that was observed; the observations have much more grace and character - and take up a lot of room to say that Skye is not in the nest and peeping was heard occasionally at a distance. smile If anyone has concerns about that approach, please let me know. And please do visit the Observations thread and the Screenshots and Video thread for much more information!]

Sidney eaglet

Sidney eaglet
bociany's photos - July 14

July 14 flights:
5:48 am - Skye arrived, following Mom in
6:46 - "He takes off flying to the left meadow peeping all the way." (jkr)
10:09-10:24 - noise in upper branches and peeps in the area
10:41 - "Skye has landed on the camera branch. He makes a flustered, noisy crossing to the branches above the attic branch. comes down like a parrot on a perch, but wings flopping every which way. He rights himself and jumps to the nest. Whew." (kate_oneill)
10:44 - left via back porch
10:52 - "And in comes a screeching Skye, landing at the 7 oc postion, the first nest landing he has done and he nailed it like a pro! Adrenalin must be cranking as the squeals continue!" (kate_oneill)
11:24 Skye flies from balcony to the left meadow
1:51-1:53 peeps and possible fly-by
2:25-2:52 peeps sounding as if in tree
3:28 - calls at a distance so Skye left sometime after 2:52
3:31 - "With incoming calls, Skye lands, nailing his second nest landing of the afternoon (and of his life!) and earns another perfect 10!" (kate_oneill)
3:32-dark - Skye in tree, lots of peeps until about 7:15 (rain started about 6:30 and peeps started to decrease); occasional peeps and movements thereafter

Sidney eaglet
AnneAngel's photo - July 14
July 14 food deliveries:
5:48 am - white fish - self-feeding 24 minutes
10:58 am - delivery by Dad - fish head? - self-feeding 14 minutes (great descriptions!)
Sidney eaglet
Sierra's photo - July 14

July 14 other observations:
kate_oneill observed: "6:14-6:19 AM PDT: Arrival of Pa,via front door. He goes to food. Darts his head in for a morsel (or to teach Skye that even when you can fly, fellow eagles will challenge you for your food). Pa (wisely) flinches. When Skye doesn't take a bite, Pa goes back for a nice chunk. Then Skye begins objecting, but not pecking and takes a bite of his own. Sharing works briefly. Now Skye is hopping back and forth and screeching, but not challenging Pa for a bite."

Sierra: "As I was watching the close up view this morning, Skye had been squealing on the way into the nest and when Dad saw him he pretended he was eating or wanting the fish. Skye ran in and grabbed it.
I think Dad was teaching him to steal away the prey perhaps, but he definitely didn't plan on eating it, he just teased Skye with it. Anyone else notice that?"

Sidney eaglet
Eagle Lover from NYC - Starr's photo - July 15

July 15 flights:
4:31 am - Skye heard in tree; lots of peeps and calls
5:17 - apparently left; peeps became softer
6:03 - Skye flies by, peeping
7:01 - Skye flies by, screeching
8:55 - likely landing in attic based on noises
9:45 - Skye & Ma in nest
10:40 - flies off from back into left meadow
2:08 - parent arrives (no food, picks at nestovers)
2:09 - Skye arrives from the left front
2:27 - flies from back to left meadow
6:29-6:33 possibly fly-by with brief landing in attic
7:11 - flies in from 6:00 position
8:10 - flies off to the left
9:22 - noises in tree but might be wind

Sidney eaglet
Eagle Lover from NYC - Starr's photo - July 14
July 15 food deliveries:
9:45 am- delivered by Ma - large bony fishhead - self-feeding 52 minutes
2:09 - brief beak-feeding by parent of nestovers; parent also ate; some self-feeding - total 10 minutes
7:06 - by Mom - smaller bird - self-feeding 41 minutes
Sidney eaglet
Sierra's photo - July 15
July 15 other observations:
I Love Barbaro observed: "9:51 am - Little One quiets again as she has some serious pulling to do. Then she stops pulling and starts peeping. (All of a sudden, she can't do both at the same time?) Mom, who usually doesn't pay too much attention to her antics, watches the babe closely. Facing the meadow still on her balcony, she alternates her gaze from Skye to behind her, back to Skye, then behind her again. Maybe Dad or another bird is nearby in another tree, and the babe feels the threat of competition. This is good. This is a good lesson to learn--to be aware of her surroundings as she eats. The genesis of this was probably the development several weeks ago of her intolerance of either parent being in the nest when she started eating."

sandra gee observed: "8:55pm.....Yikes!!!!! that made me jump ..... a large piece of the tree....front right side just crashed down into the nest....the branches are what you see in the bottom r/hand corner of screen."
Skipper observed: "I watched the replay and the branch that fell was the one that we have been seeing waving around in the top middle of the screen. It landed at the edge of the nest at about the 5 o'clock position so it is now part of the nest."
Sidney eaglet
AnneAngel's photo - July 16

July 16 flights:
10:02 am- flies in from left front following parent
10:20 - flies off towards lower left meadow
12:37 fly-by
1:43 - Dad arrives and picks at nestovers
2:14 - Mom arrives possibly with food and also starts eating either what she brought or nestovers
2:18 - Dad leaves (Mom still in nest)
2:25-2:32 peeps that might be Skye heard
5:55 - Skye does fly-by (Mom still in nest)
6:43 - Skye lands in high branches at top right (Mom leaves)
6:45 - Skye leaves towards the meadow
8:02 - fly-by

Sidney eaglet
terrytvgal's photo - July 16
Skye on a Slender Branch far Right
July 16 food deliveries:
10:02 am - by parent - fish - self-feeding 14 minutes
Sidney eaglet
queenie's photo - July 16
July 16 other observations:
[Editor's note - I included the observations of parents in the nest from 1:43 - 6:43 with no Skye because not flying in is also significant.]
Sidney eaglet
wendybacalar's photo - July 17

July 17 flights:
5:13 am - Skye comes screeching in
5:18 - takes off towards left meadow
4:33 pm - fly-by at lower left of screen
(heard frequently 4:33 - 6:43)
6:43 - lands in branches at top of screen
7:08 - flies off towards left meadow

link to Skipper's video
"A Visit to the Nest (5:13 am)" (2:52)

Sidney eaglet
SharonFeeney's photo - July 17

July 17 food deliveries:
6:47 pm - working on nestovers - 10 minutes

July 17 other observations:
sandra gee observed: "6:51pm....Has now found something else to munch on and can hear him pulling at this morsel. This is a very calm feed and will note here that Skye does not appear to be overly hungry, so maybe parents are feeding him away from the nest."

Sidney eaglet
AnneAngel's photo - July 18
July 18 flights:
5:08 am - "Skye does a peeping fly by below and behind the nest from left to right." (wendybacalar)
5:42 - "Skye heard somewhere near the nest, but not seen." (Ceili)
6:01 - Skye lands on the 3:00 branch outside the nest
8:10 - Skye flies off
Skye arrives in tree between 3:18 and 4:35
5:03 - fly-by on left meadow side
6:08 - arrives; 6:16 - leaves
Sidney eaglet
Cora Anne's photo - July 18

July 18 food deliveries:
6:07 - Mom arrives; Dad arrives; Skye mantles and screeches; Dad leaves; 6:09 Mom leaves (not sure who delivered) - something live (flat fish?) - self-feeding 28 minutes
7:55 - Mom with large flat fish - beak-feeds Skye 8 minutes

July 18 other observations:
I Love Barbaro observed (re 7:55 feeding): "...this was not one of those frantic feedings we have seen often in the past--the kind where the parent can't get seem to offer food fast enough to Skye. I just skimmed yesterday's obs, and unless I missed one, I don't believe there were any nest feedings. If that's the case, there must surely be plenty of feeds going on outside the nest, or this feeding would have taken on a sense of urgency."

Sidney eaglet
wendybacalar's photo - July 19

July 19 flights:
7:30 am - Skye arrives quietly at 6:00 position
7:41 - leaves quietly from 12:00 position
9:46 - sounds as if Skye is in the tree
10:02 - flies off to left meadow
10:56-11:02 brief visit to tree and nest
1:29 - parent arrives followed by peeping Skye
2:38 - Skye flies off from 12:00 position

link to harrymilt's video
"A Day With Skye, Ma, Pa, Vultures, Crows"

Sidney eaglet
Eagle Lover from NYC - Starr's photo - July 19

July 19 food deliveries:
9:57 am - picking at nestovers for a few minutes
1:29 - by parent - salmon?
1:33 - parent - food type unknown - Skye stops eating first delivery to begin on second
1:42 - stops eating - self-feeding 13 minutes
1:50 - parent arrives and begins beak feeding - 10 minutes
6:35 - by Mom - no Skye - Mom eats

Sidney eaglet
queenie's photo - July 19
Skye leaving nest after eating, being fed & resting"
July 19 other observations:
Skipper observed: "1:37 p.m. When the second delivery arrived, the parent/Skye had a "collision." Not to be an alarmist, but Skye now seems to be favouring his right wing. Waiting anxiously to see if he flies from the nest OK as he is still feasting on the second delivery.
link to Skipper's video "Collision!" (47 sec)
1:45 p.m. Skye still in the nest. Is limping a little and keeps lifting his right wing."

jkr observed: "1:42 He looks to be limping a bit and having problems with his right wing. He's repeatedly stretching it but not out fully and there are a lot of white feathers hanging lower than his wing. Walking around now -- maybe working out the kinks."
Janner observed: "2:00 - I notice that Skye doesn't want to use his left leg as much!!
2:06 - It's Dad that's limping!!
2:09 - Hopefully they will both have the sense to stay here for a while!!"

jkr observed: "2:04 Skye comes loudly whining to nest front. Parent stands on the nest looking to the right. Skye is getting louder before turning his back and softly whining.
2:05 Skye is still at 7:00 with his back to us.
He lifts that right wing again and whines.
2:10 Back to 7:00 position to stand. He's not very active at all and making no attempt to leave the nest.
2:12 He lays at nest center facing the meadow. This hasn't happened after any other meals since fledging. Is he resting that wing?"

Janner observed: "2:20 - Phew - Skye flew up to the branch - had an all over feather shuffle!!"
jkr observed: "2:38 He flys off at 12:00 ---- both wings looked to be fine on take off. He gives us 2 peeps on his way across the meadow"
Sidney eaglet
wendybacalar's photo - July 20
(thirteen weeks old)
July 20 flights:
9:09 am - Skye circles noisly then finally lands
10:11 - He took off flying straight down and out of sight toward the back meadow.
11:21 - sounds as if he's in the attic
11:32 - flies down into the nest from attic
11:57 - takes off flying to lower left meadow
Sidney eaglet
Eagle Lover from NYC - Starr's photo - July 20

July 20 food deliveries:
9:05 - parent - large white fish - self-feeding 24 minutes
11:32 - nestovers - self-feeding 20 minutes

July 20 other observations:
jkr observed: "11:35 A small bird chirped and Skye looked startled for a moment but went back to eating. He's certainly grown wary of anything going on around him at all times."
wendybacalar: "The whole time Skye was eating he kept looking around warily - good skill there - talon on food and checking out the opposition."

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Note: When I use the word "observed" with a quote, it's from the Observations thread; when I don't, it's from the Screenshots thread. Unless I goofed.

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